What is ‘Honeymoon Lifestyle’?

Traveling as a couple is a special type of travel. While I appreciate the chances I get to experience a new place alone or with friends, I’ve realized the unique style of traveling that my partner and I have together. We love to do everything, nothing, fine dining, cheap eats, hostels, 5-star hotels, camping, spas, museums, dive bars… See what I mean?

A lot of people spend years saving up for their ‘big trip’. They scour over travel books planning it. When that day comes, they finally get on that plane to Macchu Piccu, to the Caribbean, or to wine country. For couples, this big trip is usually their honeymoon. It is often the one time they are able to get time off work, spend money on travel, or leave family behind.

For us, this big trip is not a one-time experience. We live in Medellín, Colombia and make travel a priority in our lives. As teachers, we have frequent breaks that we take full advantage of to see surrounding towns, cities, and countries. It has become such a habit to vacation as a couple that we began to joke and hashtag our trip photos with #honeymoonlifestyle.

What began as a joke, morphed into us understanding ourselves more as a traveling couple. Whether you are looking to plan your big trip or quit your day job and hop on the #honeymoonlifestyle train, you have found the right home.


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