Nica: Island of Ometepe

The Basics
Arriving to Ometepe Island is possible via bus/car and ferry. We took the ferry from San Jorge to Moyogalpa with our own car. Buses are available on the island, but I would recommend renting a car or moto to be able to get around the island (ferry $20 each way with a vehicle). Please note: Ferry is picky about timing, arrive exactly 30 minutes before or they will give your tickets to someone else. A friend told me…

If you read nothing else of this post SEE THIS: We stayed at Vía Verde ($45 per room per night), a place I fell utterly in love with. I’m not sure if it was the 3-choice homemade breakfast (pancakes, crepes, eggs, granola…), the ease of starting our hike to Maderas directly from here, or Eileen’s lovely attention to detail. Overall, it fully earns its 5/5 rating on Tripadvisor.


Breakfast made with love at Vía Verde

Get Your Adventure On
Maderas volcano hike: If you’re in for a true adventure, get your mud boots on and plan to spend the day on a volcano. Maderas is an 8-10 hour strenuous hike through muddy cloud forest. Unlike its sister volcano, Concepción, Maderas offers the experience of wildlife such as mountain crabs and howler monkeys. Although it doesn’t boast a 360 degree top view, I loved the cool lagoon tucked inside its crater. We climbed down into and went for swim.

Concepción volcano hike: The taller volcano on Ometepe island is another option for a full day trek. Pack more than enough water; this trail is straight up.

Ojo de Agua: This natural spring water pool is perfect after a long hike or a hot day ($5 entrance fee)

Punta Jesus y Maria: A natural sand spit reaching out into the lake provides great views of the two volcanoes (clear skies providing)


Punta Jesus y Maria with Concepción in the clouds

Eats and Drinks
Corner house bed and breakfast: Just off the ferry in Moyogalpa, this hostel restaurant has fresh blended smoothies, sandwiches, and breakfast all day. It was good enough for us to come back for another round of smoothies!

Café Campestre: On the Maderas side of the island, offers a variety of dishes, including curry and sandwiches. They are well-known for packing a delicious to-go lunch for your volcano hike.

Nectar: This family-owned restaurant is barely on the grid but deserves all the recognition. They served us even though they were past closing, and we ended up getting the best quesadilla I’ve ever had. No lie.

What Next?
Stay for at least a week. Seriously.

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