5 Crave-Quenching Ice Cream Shops in Poblado

Upon moving to El Poblado in Medellín, Colombia, we made it our mission to find the best ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt near us. Over a year later, I have compiled a list that I am proud to share. A couple of these have battled for the top spot in our favorites, but I invite you to decide for yourself which deserves it.

Amor-Acuyá: tucked into a quiet street a couple blocks from Parque Lleras, you can find the World’s Best Gelato. No joke–they’ve won the award two years in a row for their signature flavor, same name as their shop. Passion fruit and dark chocolate bits are the perfect combo of flavors, especially if you can’t decide between a fruit flavor or a chocolate one. My personal favorite is Speculoos, a rich, creamy gelato made from Dutch cookies, topped with dollops of caramel.

Prego Gelateria: Shhh don’t tell anyone my favorite shop is next to a mall! Prego looks unassuming, along the outer strip mall of Oviedo. It was their sign outside that drew my attention: Deslactosada. All their flavors are made with lactose-free cream–thank the lords of digestion!! Their rich dark chocolate flavor, called Intenso, is in my dreams at night. When my partner and I visit, the question is not what we are ordering, but rather, Intenso and what? After many visits, I can attest to their consistent quality, the perfect amount of smooth and creamy.

FullSizeRender (13)

The daily spread at Prego

FullSizeRender (14)

Today I’ll have Intenso and…

Crepes & Waffles: I give this place props for being open when all else is closed for the night. They have a wide range of flavors at the Poblado location on 36. The best time to stop by is during Christmas season, when they offer their holiday flavor of cherries, chocolate, and Christmas magic.

Espiral Bajo Cero: Ever tried Thai-style ice cream before? It reminds me of ordering teppanyaki grilled food. The magic is not just the taste, but the experience of watching its creation. Liquid cream is poured over a frozen surface, then scraped carefully into delicate rolls. The final product is both beautiful and delicious. Bonus: at this spot, they offer vegan options!

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

Getting my salted caramel created at Espiral Bajo Cerro

FullSizeRender (16).jpg

Rolls of yum tucked in with care

Arte Dolce: Homemade cookie gelato sandwiches. What else do you need to know? If that doesn’t interest you, you might stop by to enjoy their unique flavors like Watermelon Limeade or Créme Brulée.



Photo via Instagram @artedolcemde


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