Jericó: Gem of Antioquia, Colombia

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Jericó is not just another pueblo in Antioquia. Visit and see for yourself!

The Basics
From Medellin, go to the South Terminal. There is one ticket booth for buses to Jericó. Buses can fill up, so if you’re going on a puente weekend, try to get there before 9am or book in advance. We typically buy return tickets at the same time to save the trouble. To Jericó, we paid $50,000 round trip.

The trip takes around 3 hours. The bus dropped us off near the main plaza.

We stayed in a small and new posada called Posada Santa Laura. This sweet family is getting their business started here, and they have begun with simple courtesy and hospitality. We like to stay away from the noise of the center, so this private bedroom a few blocks away was perfect.

Get Your Adventure On
Alto de Los Nubes Hike: Venture through the botanic gardens, up to the Christ redeemer, and then past the retired funiculars path. Overlook the town and the vast mountain landscape of Antioquia, including Cerro Tussa. We went with guides from Antioquia al Aire (guide + lunch $35,000). They run day trips from Medellín as well.

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Views of mountainous Colombia near the top of the hike 

Plaza: Jericó’s main plaza is full of life. We spent plenty of time here eating paisa food, checking out the town’s cathedral, people-watching, and bopping into shops. A nearby ceramic shop sells beautifully decorated pieces from the town Carmen de Viboral.

Eats & Drinks
Café el Saturia: Locally grown coffee, from 36 fincas nearby. We spent time learning about how their beans are grown carefully and fermented for longer than usual. They pride themselves on using technology to experiment with the notes of its flavor, the fullness, its richness. They seek to make coffee farming more popular with the younger generation, as currently most of them move on to the cities. The owner walked us through the drip process and guided us through tasting it. Highly recommended!

IMG_3574 (1).JPG

I would now only like coffee served in wine glasses please. kthanks.

Isabel: An antique-designed coffee shop and restaurant, opening soon. They welcomed us in with a tour of the place, which has several rooms for dining, including a private space for a bigger group. We will have to come back for a taste! (located one shop down from Café el Saturia)

Charcutería Bendito Café: In a swarm of restaurants, this one stands out for its quality food and good service. Overlooking the plaza, they have comfy seats, and a full menu of reasonably priced items. We ordered typical Colombian food and also tried their American-style breakfast with eggs and bacon. Yes and yes.

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