Hanoi & Cat Ba Island

The Basics Hanoi Upon arrival in Hanoi, we took bus 86 towards the historic center for $35,000 each. We exited the terminal, passed the taxi signs and followed signs to Minibus. A man in an orange shirt helped us choose a minibus based on our destination. Getting around for us was easy. We mostly stuck … Continue reading Hanoi & Cat Ba Island

6 Underrated Asian Eats in Poblado

1. Eden Bistro We came as soon as we found out about this Korean restaurant, since my partner lived in South Korea and pines for their spicy soups, kimchi, and grilled meat. They may not have everything on a traditional Korean menu, but all is forgotten once the bulgogi and samgyupsal are sizzling on the … Continue reading 6 Underrated Asian Eats in Poblado