Bolivia: Lake Titicaca, La Paz, Uyuni, & Amazon

The Basics We arrived to La Paz via bus from Copacabana on Lake Titicaca. Mini buses gather at Plaza Sucre and leave every 1/2 hour. Tickets are 25B. At one point, we needed to exit the bus and take a ferry across the straight (5B), to then reconnect with our bus after. This process was … Continue reading Bolivia: Lake Titicaca, La Paz, Uyuni, & Amazon

Foodie Escape in Lima, Peru

The Basics We flew direct from Medellín to Lima with Avianca airlines. We pre-arranged a taxi ride (55 soles) to Miraflores using Transporte Fácil Peru. I messaged them on Facebook and arranged a ride with ease. Taxi prices can run a bit higher, so we preferred to plan ahead. The airport offers 30 minutes of … Continue reading Foodie Escape in Lima, Peru