Jericó: Gem of Antioquia, Colombia

The Basics From Medellin, go to the South Terminal. There is one ticket booth for buses to Jericó. Buses can fill up, so if you're going on a puente weekend, try to get there before 9am or book in advance. We typically buy return tickets at the same time to save the trouble. To Jericó, … Continue reading Jericó: Gem of Antioquia, Colombia

Chile: City, Coast, and Wine Country

Chile is the perfect place to get a taste of it all! You can take the subway to a museum, go skiing, tour a vineyard, walk on the beach, or wander the coastal towns. Spend at least five nights to get the variety of experiences. Santiago: The Basics We flew into Santiago from Medellín via … Continue reading Chile: City, Coast, and Wine Country