Malaysian Borneo: KK & Sandakan

The Basics Getting into town from the airport in Kota Kinabalu was simple. Taxis have a flat rate of RM30, and many others use the app Grab to call a car. Within 20 minutes, we were at our hotel! We stayed at Hotel Gaia 95, not far from the coast and nightly markets. Upon arrival … Continue reading Malaysian Borneo: KK & Sandakan

Camping near Medellín, Colombia

The Basics If you don't have a car, it is simple to catch a bus from Medellín's North Terminal to San Rafael ($19,000 COP each way). These are the same buses that are headed to Guatapé, a pueblo definitely worth visiting during your trip. After passing Guatapé, we asked the driver to drop us off … Continue reading Camping near Medellín, Colombia