6 Underrated Asian Eats in Poblado

1. Eden Bistro
We came as soon as we found out about this Korean restaurant, since my partner lived in South Korea and pines for their spicy soups, kimchi, and grilled meat. They may not have everything on a traditional Korean menu, but all is forgotten once the bulgogi and samgyupsal are sizzling on the grill at my table. The woman who owns this place comes to our table to speak with my partner in a loving (albeit, slightly confusing) mix of Korean, Spanish, and English. Aside from the meat, doenjangjjigae is a delicious tofu soup I recommend. Don’t miss the chance to try soju, Korea’s traditional alcoholic beverage of choice.


Photo courtesy of Eden Bisto’s Facebook Page

2. The Sushi Shop
It can be easy to pass by this place and head towards the more expensive and luxe restaurants on Calle Provenza. If you give it a chance, you’ll find reasonably priced, yet fresh-ingredient made sushi rolls, and the spiciest ceviche in town.

FullSizeRender (10).jpg

Thought Colombia couldn’t do spicy? Try out this ceviche!

3. Poke Bowl
This new spot is high on my list for grabbing a quick and fresh meal. The cuisine is Hawaiian, not Asian, but includes favorite ingredients like raw fish, ginger, soy, bean sprouts, and peanuts. Pick from one of their recommended combos or go for a DYI bowl.

4. Roll Up
Ever tried a sushi burrito? I wasn’t sure if I would like this combination of two great ideas. Would they compete or would it win my love? I’m sure you can guess that I relished the experience. Like a giant hand roll, these burritos are stuffed to the brim with raw fish, cucumber, avocado, rice, spicy mayo, and whatever else your heart desires.

5. Take a Wok
Literally, take a walk down to Manila (next to Poblado) to enjoy this laid-back Asian-fusion spot. Choose your base, fresh veg, protein, and sauce. With the right combo of ingredients, I like to make a version of a pad Thai with crushed peanuts on top.

6. Bao Bei
Although it has enough traction that I can’t justify calling it ‘underrated’, I have to include Bao Bei on my list. Their changing menu reflects their commitment to ingredients. Try a traditional pork sandwich (Gua Bao) or get the chefs latest recommendation. All for under $25,000 COP? Can’t beat it.

FullSizeRender (12).jpg

Bao at Bao Bei: Each order includes 2, perfect for sharing!

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