Camping near Medellín, Colombia

The Basics
If you don’t have a car, it is simple to catch a bus from Medellín’s North Terminal to San Rafael ($19,000 COP each way). These are the same buses that are headed to Guatapé, a pueblo definitely worth visiting during your trip.
After passing Guatapé, we asked the driver to drop us off at Bizcocho, just before reaching San Rafeal. The camping site has a big billboard. A 2 minute walk down brought us to the camping and river area. The price for camping is ~$15,000 COP per tent (BYO tent).
What’s available on site includes grills, bathrooms, a shop with snacks and alcohol, and a restaurant with typical Colombian cuisine.


Get Your Adventure On
The highlight of this spot is the river located just down from the camping area. It had all we needed for a weekend in nature: a rope swing, sandy areas to rest, currents to enjoy and deeper areas for swimming.

What Next?
This spot is perfect to bring a big group, make a fire, and enjoy the convenience of car camping.
Only about 30 minutes past Guatapé and the famous Piedra, this trip could be combined with a stop in town or a climb up the monolithic boulder.


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